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Title: Mac VS PC
Category: News for Clients
Published: Wednesday, 21 August, 2019

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The Best Mac in Riga or PC?

We were wondering how much the best iMac Pro in Riga costs and do we need it? We found an offer of 12'579.00 Euro in the most popular store.

What do we get for this money?


  • 27” 5K monitor;
  • Intel Xeon W Series Processor (18 cores, 2.3 to 4.3 GHz, 42.75 MB cache and 205W power consumption);
  • 128 GB RAM (DDR4);
  • 2 TB solid state drive (SSD m.2);
  • Video card Radeon Pro Vega 16GB;
  • And of course, a stylish computer design with all the elements built into the monitor.

Is this purchase good for the average person? - Definitely not.

Is this a bargain for professionals? - Probably ... Do you really have to pay so much for design? And what more could you buy for that money?

After thinking about the Greatest Think, we decided to put together the most expensive computer from the most expensive components available in Riga and used the services of the most popular online stores:


  • 49” QLED monitor with 5120x1440 resolution and 32:9 aspect ratio;
  • Intel Core i9-9980XE processor (18 cores, 3.0 to 4.4 Ghz, 24.75MB cache and 165W power consumption);
  • 128 GB RAM (DDR4);
  • 2TB solid state drive (SSD m.2) from Samsung;
  • Nvidia RTX 2080Ti 11GB graphic card;
  • 1250W power supply with platinum certification;
  • And, of course, a stylish body with a transparent side panel made of tempered glass.

To our surprise, there were no borders. We expected that the most expensive computer bundle would be roughly equivalent to the iMac Pro, either 5-10% cheaper.

Actually we get PC that is cheaper than the iMac Pro, for over 35% and costs € 8'120.

In summary:


The benefits of the 49” QLED ultra-wide monitor over the Apple 27” are quite obvious. This monitor is suitable for both professionals and keen gamers and will certainly leave no one indifferent.


The high-end Xeon W-3275 server processor is far behind the i9-9980XE for everyday use. But is this Xeon processor really built into the iMac Pro?

According to Geeketch's tests, the i9-9980XE multi-core test scored as much as 46,310, while the Xeon W-3275 only scored 39,869. We did not find a processor description on the Intel site that was installed on the iMac Pro, so we dare to believe that the iMac Pro does not include Intel Xeon W series processor versions.


RAM and SSD have little impact on price and have the same power and performance and are therefore unlikely to have a significant impact on overall performance.

Video card

An expensive computer with a beautiful design would prefer a more powerful video card, but the iMac Pro body probably won't be able to cool it down. We put the most advanced video card in this PC, which is much more powerful and won't overheat the standard computer case.

Power supply

We put a powerful platinum-certified power supply on the computer for 24/7 operation. Unfortunately, this could not be said for the iMac Pro.


We made a rough comparison of iMac Pro and PC parameters with preliminary reference to component prices. At the same time, the components were taken on the principle that "the more expensive is the better".

To sum up our comparison, if you want to buy a computer for yourself with the choice between an iMac Pro and a PC,and if your choice is PC, then with the rest of the iMac Pro budget you can also buy a good used motorcycle.

With a Good IT Service (Labs IT Serviss) you can buy any of the above computers and we will design and build any other computer for your needs and requirements .

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