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About Us Labs IT Serviss - Computer and server maintenance

Labs IT Serviss - SIA TTLG

Labs IT Serviss (Good IT Service) - Computer and server maintenance service in Riga, is a small but rapidly growing team of professional specialists, who is taking care of clients both in Riga and throughout Latvia.

Considering modern technologies Labs IT Serviss, in order to provide fast and high-quality service, conducts remote connection sessions and travels to the customers in all Latvia.

Labs IT Serviss are taking care of entrepreneurs and individuals, providing with:
- Technical support;
- High quality computer equipment;
- Local area network solutions;
- Website development and software.

"Everything is actually simple, but to have it this way, knowledge is needed"

About Us
About Us

The Labs IT Serviss team has always been driven by the need to find out how to make the use of modern technology available to everyone, so Labs IT Serviss finds the most suitable solutions for both computer technology hardware and software.

B2B and B2C collaboration

Labs IT Serviss is a progressive team of specialists, witch presents to customers a stable service and represents itself as a stable business partner. Labs IT Serviss specialists will always be ready to provide support in any IT related situation and will offer individual solutions for any specific needs. Clients of Labs IT Serviss includes medical centers, associations, educational institutions, and small businesses with small office equipment, as well as a private individuals. Labs IT Serviss provides both remote consultations and servicing, as well as go to the Client in person.

About Us