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Title: Personal Mini Data Storage (NAS)
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Published: Friday, 16 August, 2019

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Personal Mini Data Storage (NAS)

Have you ever wondered what information means to a modern person? What could be the consequences of suddenly losing files, photos and important information to yourself?

Many people do not even think on a daily basis that information stored on a personal or work computer is a great value and it is not only expressed financially or morally - it can be unique and irreplaceable.

Now imagine the information is lost. As a person, you will be very sad that you cannot restore family photos or video archives with memorized events. And if you are a businessman, losing important information can be very costly, and the amount of the loss can be calculated not just in money, but in your own reputation.

Labs IT Serviss (Good IT Service) offers a modern solution for homes, small and medium businesses, that will protect you from losing information - compact network attached storage devices such as "mini servers" - Network Attached Storage (NAS).

An advantage over classic servers is a small size, significantly lower power consumption and simple, intuitive operation.

The use of network repositories can be very wide. They can be used as:

  1. Server for photos, videos and other various documents;
  2. WEB Server - For website, CRM and HRM systems storing;
  3. Email server;
  4. Video surveillance storage for IP cameras;
  5. Virtual machine server;

Storage that you can access from anywhere in the World.

And with many more options, like Google docs, multimedia storage, and e.t.c. 

Apply for your Personal Mini Storage (NAS) and a Good IT Service will provide you with everything you need!

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