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WEB and E-mail development

We offer high-quality, competitive and thoughtful websites that use the latest technology and software.

All of our websites and emails are customized for both computers and mobile devices.

Web development

We create user-friendly, intuitive and easy-to-use websites with a UX design or User Experience design.
It is a whole science and many years of research that summarizes the trends of website users.

"To turn a Complicated Thing into a Simple One, you do need to know how"

WEB development



Business Card Type Website – In this type of website are collected information about your company from you - about you.

Static website
This type of website is very beneficial if your information is not changed frequently - it will be static and does not require regular replenishment.


The website is very light and not overloaded with information. Your potential customer or partner will be able to contact you quickly and easily.

Development Time

This kind of website will take about 24H, if you will provide us will all necessary information.

Cost: from 350 EUR



Website with different sections and frequently added information. There are separate sections on this type of website, because you have a lot of information - different types of descriptions and dynamic information - events in the company, and you want to edit the content of your own website.

Dynamic website
These types of websites are developed in cases where regular exchange of information is required.


The information of such a website is very easy to replenish and update. A highly customized administrative panel will allow you to quickly post the necessary newsletter.

Development Time
This kind of website will take about 72H, if you will provide us will all necessary information.

Cost: from 700 EUR



The design of the website, which will be tailored to you - all design elements will be made by our designers, as well as a website cut and layout to bring your customer to the required service in the way you need.

Dynamic website with individual design
This type of website with a specific design is developed in cases where effective design is needed, which leaves a strong impression on the Customer, remains easy to remember and creates a desire to return to the website again and again.


A dedicated website with a back-office which includes everything you need for your business - SEO management, Two-way communication with Clients, Adding News, Product Management System and other useful features for You.

Development Time

Taking into account workload and/or agreement.

Cost: from 1100 EUR

Individual design E-mails

Probably you have seen beautiful emails from your partners or other companies?

We will design a special design for your Email templates, test it by sending and customizing it as well as making it responsive to all devices.

Cost: from 45 EUR

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