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Office equipment maintenance

Office equipment (computers, servers, laptops, printers, etc.) are usually very reliable machines. But like any other equipment, office equipment needs timely maintenance.

During operation, dust accumulates on computers and laptops, thermal interfaces lose their properties, which can cause the computer to overheat and malfunction, and cooling fans can also generate noise and vibration, causing noise increase in the background and also overheating of the system.

We, Labs IT Serviss (Good IT Service), take care of customer office equipment and provide timely maintenance.


What maintenance includes?

Service Description
Stationary and portable computer maintenance Computer inspection, dust cleaning, replacement of thermal paste, inspection of internal cable connections, diagnostics and troubleshooting, computer upgrade.
Local and WiFi network maintenance Network troubleshooting, diagnostics, adding network devices, setting up network equipment, expanding and moving local area networks.
Software maintenance Diagnosing and updating software, installing necessary software, working with antivirus programs, updating drivers.
Maintenance of peripherals (printers, scanners, copiers, etc.) Equipment inspection and diagnostics, troubleshooting, cleaning, toner replacement or refill, ink replacement.
Remote connection The operator remotely connects to the client computer to solve problems.
Consultations IT consultancy

What are the monthly service charges?

Service 1-5 computers 6-13 computers 14 and more computers
Cost of one computer per month 40 EUR 30 EUR 25 EUR
Monthly price for Server maintenance 80 EUR 80 EUR 80 EUR
Computer prevention work Every four months Every four months Every four months
Remote connection Not limited Not limited Not limited
Number of calls 5 8 Not limited

How much does an Urgent Master Call cost?

Service Riga Riga District Latvia
Master call and first hour of work 50 EUR 65 EUR 50 EUR + 0.39 EUR/km
Next working hour 50 EUR 50 EUR 50 EUR
Response time Up to two hours Up to five hours By agreement

* All prices are without VAT