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Computers, servers and hardware

We assemble excellent hardware for any needs.

Each of our computers and/or servers is tested and assembled for higher quality standards before handing over to the Customer.


When offering the necessary computer equipment to the Client, the circumstances where this computer hardware will be used and for what purposes, are taken into account. Because the right hardware is not only powerful and expensive, but it can be energy efficient, economical and tailored just as much as you need for daily work.

Examples of kits

Office ready


Office ready is designed for daily office tasks, document creation and editing, and for work with MS Office and similar software.

Processor: Intel i3 economical


Solid State Hard Drive (SSD): 250GB

Cost: from 450 EUR

Games and Graphics


Games and Graphics is a powerful computer for fast graphics and physics calculations, rendering 3D objects.

This kind of computer is used by developers and designers to quickly create 3D models.

Processor: Intel i5 economical and powerful


Solid State Hard Drive (SSD): from 500GB

Video Card: Powerful nVidia or AMD

Cost: from 1000 EUR

Server kit


The server must be a Swiss knife that can perform many tasks simultaneously and without loss of data.

Taking into account modern virtualization technologies, the server must be able to process multiple virtual machines that perform many different tasks at the same time, and must be able to process large amounts of information as quickly as possible.

Our specialists will offer the best solution for your demands.

Cost: from 2000 EUR

All kits are shown as approximate material. Write and/or call for individual price offer.


Thanks to cooperation with major Baltic and European suppliers, our computers and servers use the highest quality components that fulfill the wishes of any of our Customers and guarantee a stable, sustainable operation.