Do you work remotely because of COVID-19? (cyber security at home)

Do you work remotely because of COVID-19? (cyber security at home)Labs IT Serviss - Computer and server maintenance

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Title: Do you work remotely because of COVID-19? (cyber security at home)
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Published: Tuesday, 28 April, 2020

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Do you work remotely because of COVID-19? (cyber security at home)

Here are 7 tips to help keep you safe when working remotely with the new coronavirus COVID-19.

The coronavirus has been able to change the daily habits of millions of people around the world, including where and how they work - how we work. Many employers have considered the idea and have also offered their employees the opportunity to work remotely from home.

Companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft have announced that they offer their employees the opportunity to work remotely to help protect them from the coronavirus, or COVID-19 (respiratory disease). At the heart of this remote idea is to help control the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 by protecting the health of employees and relatives.

If you decide to work remotely, we recommend that you follow all cyber security measures. This means protecting your devices and their data at home, just as you would in a work environment.

Here are some tips to help you stay safe working from home.

1. Keep in close contact with the employer

It's wise to check for the latest information and know what's going on in the company you work for. Your inbox may contain the latest e-mails about changes in the Company's internal agenda - changes in working hours to working conditions in this emergency. Your employer may collect coronavirus-related information on your company's internal network. If you have questions and suggestions, ask and talk about them. Constant communication during this time is very important.

Why is it important? - Businesses around the world continue to respond and change many aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic and take adaptation measures. It is important to know the new company guidelines and ideas that can help protect the company, colleagues and yourself.

2. Use the technological tools available in your company

Businesses often have technological tools that can help you stay safe online while working from home. For the most part, this can mean that telecommuting will take place with the company's laptops and mobile devices.

If your company has provided you with one of these devices, they may already be equipped with a firewall and antivirus protection, as well as security features such as VPN and 2-factor authentication.

Why is this important? - Cybersecurity tools for employers are designed to protect business as well as private data and devices,because exacly in these situations cybercriminals becomes much more active, when we all work remotely and online.

3. Control the desire to improvise with software choices

Employees often work in teams, and this can mean using collaboration tools such as instant messaging platforms and video conferencing rooms. If a technological tool suddenly stops working, you may be tempted to download one of your choice. Don't do it! There is a high chance of installing a program with security vulnerabilities, which means that anyone can access company data or any personal data stored on your device without permission.

Why is this important? - The employer is likely to have tested its technological tools and made sure they are safe. You cannot be sure that downloaded tools have the same protection features.

4. Keep track of software updates

You may be reminded that software updates are available for your computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Don't wait and update! Also note that you can set device updates at specific times.

Why is this important? - Updates help prevent security flaws and help protect your data. Updates can also add important new features to your device and remove obsolete ones.

5. Use VPN for data traffic

VPN - Virtual Private Network - helps protect the data you send and receive from home. A VPN connection provides a secure connection between employees and companies by encrypting data.

Why is this important? - A VPN connection helps protect against cybercriminals who are interested in gaining access to information about what you do online during the business day. And this data can mean a lot because it can contain a variety of financial information, plans and strategies, documents and customer sensitive data. A VPN connection is a secure connection that can prevent data leaks for cybercriminals and competitors.

6. Beware of phishing emails related to coronavirus and COVID-19

Cybercriminals use a coronavirus outbreak to send fake emails to employees with dangerous links.

Here's how it works. Emails may come from company officials, and they may ask you to open a link to a new company document related to the coronavirus. If you click a link in the content or embedded in the email, you're likely to download malware to your device. Don't click! Instead, contact your employer immediately to verify the information and report the phishing attempt.

Why is this important? - Phishing email with malware can allow cybercriminals to take control of your computer, record what you type on a keyboard, and access important business and financial data.

7. Implement a new routine

Working from home requires changing your daily habits - routine. In first case, most of it is implementing cybersecurity, as well as structuring your day to be able to work effectively and stay in touch with the rest of the team. If you are used to starting the day by greeting your colleagues, you may want to consider continuing to do so via email or dedicated chat platforms.

Why is this important? When working from home, it is easy to lose focus due to feelings of isolation. Take steps to prevent this from happening. Connect with your colleagues to chat. The coronavirus may have changed your working life, but if you take all the necessary safety precautions, remote work can also be effective and enjoyable.

If you need advice or help, feel free to call and write - Labs IT Serviss (Good IT Service) will always help with good advice and will perform the service according to the requirements of the emergency.

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We at Labs IT Serviss continue to work as usual and encourage remote solutions.

Most of our customers know what is Remote Services for computers, servers, and local area networks.

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