Do you still need a laptop?

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Title: Do you still need a laptop?
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Published: Thursday, 21 November, 2019

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Do you still need a laptop?

Technology has evolved significantly over the past few years and is continuing to evolve, now is the time to review our views on what we really need.

So before you pull your money out of wallet to buy a "shiny" new smart device, let's think about everything in turn.

Do you remember Netbook?

Really remember? Netbooks was a relatively short-lived version of laptops that took over the world.

They were inexpensive, small, and with very low specifications, but they were the beginning of a revolution known as the " Comfortable Enough Device ".

A "Comfortable Enough Device" means that this small computer is good enough to do most of the things you need to do.

Modern computer hardware and smart devices are so powerful that the laptop tends to spend most of its time on the shelf, out of work. When you browse the web, watch a movie, or write your letter, contract, or detective novel, only a fraction of the intended power is used by your computer.

So the main problem is not, that the laptop is low-powered and weak - it means that its resource is mostly under-utilized or wasted.

Laptop "Achilles heel" or "Comfort matters"?

Laptops were and are being developed as a portable version of desktops. Our most important argument and reason: "We want to leave our workplace with our computer and use it anywhere!"

Manufacturers response: "We will take the inside of the desktop computer and put it in the smallest possible enclosure."

The latest and largest laptops are more portable than ever. Compared to smartphones and tablets, they are much larger, heavier, but convenient for specific tasks. Thats’s why smartphones and tablets are offered with additional devices such as a separate keyboard and computer mouse, and smart devices have built-up additional options for connecting to a larger monitor. They are already widely used - where an employee comes to work with his or her smartphone, connects it to a monitor and connects to a separate keyboard and computer mouse via Bluetooth. However, such a workstation has its own stationary character - Yes, we have it in a pocket with quick access to information, but a handy, clear monitor and a built-in keyboard that can be typed with both hands are on laptop and / or similar device.

Smartest Choice?

In just a few years since the first smart device was launched, smartphones and tablets have achieved incredible power results - almost equivalent to computers. There are a handful of professional tech tasks that you can't do with your smartphone or tablet. Of course, each of them also has its pros and cons. The key is to understand their use. If everywhere computers could be replaced by smart devices - we would be sitting in the office with a smartphone on the desk.

Does somebody still needs a laptop?

This is not a rhetorical question. While most of us will now be happy to use our smartphone or tablet as a daily computer. But not only the professional users still have enough reason to buy a Laptop.

While tablets and phones have become commonplace, the laptop still dominates in many areas:

Apart from these professional industries, there are many other reasons why a laptop is useful and even necessary.

Especially if you are mobile and need access to high-end graphics and CPU power, a large and powerful laptop might be your best choice.


A lot is changing. For example, there are many cloud services available today that offer high-end software support. Which means the device don’t need to have a "brain power" for complex operations. However, no cloud service is provided offline (without the Internet) and an independent device is still on the charts today. Because our data is very important to us, most of us take great caution with the innovations that involve the processing of our data online, as well as the location of data in cloud storage.

Why is this so?

In fact, the rise of cloud computing generally reduces the need for high-performance devices by squeezing them out, but most are still not fully trusted because security, independence, and of course ethics are important, and it's cool to realize that you're safe.

What is your choice?

If you compared the laptop and the tablet or the smartphone in terms of features, you would notice that they are not much different.

We do not try to convince you not to buy one or the other device. It's your finances, and there's nothing wrong with buying what you want and love, not what you really need in the end.

Get in touch! Labs IT Serviss (Good IT Service) specialists will listen and develop the best solution according to your wishes.

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