Website – choice between Quality or low cost?

Website – choice between Quality or low cost?Labs IT Serviss - Computer and server maintenance

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Title: Website – choice between Quality or low cost?
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Published: Friday, 1 November, 2019

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Website – choice between Quality or low cost?

With the various tools available today online, many are considering creating their own website to cut costs. However, these self-created sites / websites are very different in quality from professionally created websites. Below are some of the most common mistakes made by amateurs when designing a site.

Use of free website (WEB) templates

While these templates are marketed as personalized, they look generic, making your site similar to many others. Free or low budget templates have a poor structure, lack functionality and technical support. User Experience (UX) - Usability also is usually poor when using such templates. This can affect the trust of users on your site. As a result, the website is not frequently visited, which contributes to low Internet traffic, because the appearance of the site is not memorable and does not attract additional users.

Another important aspect to consider is that free web templates are loaded with a lot of unnecessary features and functionality, making the site cumbersome to use, vulnerable to attack, and slow in performance.

Missing call to action

Many people are unaware that their site is the most powerful marketing tool of all time. A successful website must be able to quickly turn visitors into customers. But without a clear and obvious call to action, such as not encouraging visitors to buy your products or services, downloading, etc., such a site will be of low informational importance. Without a strong call to action, your site will be just an online business card.

Search Engine Optimization and Customization (SEO)

SEO makes your site visible to people looking for companies that offer similar services or products. Users will not be able to find your site if it is not optimized for search engines (eg Google). It is very important that you have the right tools and knowledge to optimize your site and attract the right people to your website that have the potential to become your customers. Without SEO, your site will be virtually invisible to potential visitors, thus essentially meaningless.

Customized for all devices (Responsive Website)

Most people now use the web on their mobile devices. That means it's not just a good idea to create a responsive site, it's a must! Creating a responsive website is an important task as you will need to consider clickable link sizes, different screen types, sizes and resolutions, fonts, image optimization, and many more. Users expect to have a smooth mobile experience (Mobile friendly UX). Since more than half of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices, a non-mobile site will result in the hurt of your business - people will not be able to see the features they need and will not reach your target product.

Even if you create a cheap website / home page, in the long run, users will quickly notice errors and this will cast doubt on the quality of your business.

Your site is the first impression you give a potential customer about your business. You need professional developers to create a professional website.

Call Labs IT Serviss (Good IT Service) to find out how to get a fully personalized, professional and customized website.

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