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Title: Modern technologies with which you can save
Category: Educational articles
Published: Tuesday, 10 November, 2020

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Modern technologies with which you can save

Today's technology is evolving very fast. However, they have not yet reached their apogee at all. … And yet, they are already at a stage where unprecedented opportunities are being identified, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, for which this is particularly important.

Innovation is a big driver. They make the business world smoother and provide fantastic opportunities - they save both money and time, and Small Businesses understand this the most. Knowledge of modern technology is one of the most important aspects that saves time and money - thus overcoming many financial fluctuations.

In this article, we will discuss technologies and software solutions that are useful for both small and not so small businesses.

Linux operating system - open (free) license software

Let's start with the fact that Linux and its operating systems in most courts are free. Linux, open (free) license software has become much more accessible and understandable to "ordinary" users today.

What does it mean? - The cross-platform environment has become more user-friendly and suitable for everyday work.

From the server to the computer, Linux has become a self-contained operating system in which it is easy for a company to interact with customers. With Linux server capabilities, companies can work with tools such as customer resource management (CRM) and human resource management (HRM). Such and similar tools used to be available only to Big Business, but now they are also available to Small and Medium Businesses.

Electronic invoicing/bill of lading software

Electronic invoicing/bill of lading software is one of the most important tools hosted for full operation. Although there are companies that still use fax and paper documents, electronic invoices and bills of lading have started to be taken over by small companies in Latvia as well, and this is justified. The ability to send customers invoices via email helps businesses save on printing equipment and paper costs. At first, this may seem insignificant, but over time, all of this paper and printer maintenance and cartridge costs add up, and it all takes a considerable amount of time, which is expensive today.

Mobile payment system software

Mobile payment system software has finally become advanced enough to be used safely by any small business. With these new, reliable, cost-effective payment systems, your business can make payments for services and goods quickly and effortlessly.

Blogging platforms

Blogging Platforms - What Are They? These are Blogs. Who needs them? - It is a low-cost way to communicate well with customers and attract additional audiences. You can publish ("post") your news, events, promotions and other events, thus creating groups of like-minded people, attracting partners and potential customers. This is also one of the weapons in recognition and building organic SEO. Simply put, people will be able to find your blog article on the internet and thus visit your website, as a result your popularity will grow and the number of interested people will also grow beautiful.

Using popular Content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, October CMS, etc., you will have a powerful weapon in your hands that will be easy to develop and you will eventually be able to turn it into a full - fledged, business - oriented site.

Use of social media

Making good use of social media is one of the easiest and most accessible tools today to discover the needs of potential and existing customers. Social media is ideal for quickly and quickly publishing your news, announcing special offers, promotions and much more. … And which normal entrepreneur would give up free advertising?

Of course, social networks also have paid services and it is becoming more and more, but when starting to promote your company, it could be enough to publish free news and advertisements. All the more so if you want to understand how it all worked. After all, social networks conduct grandiose research that makes it easier to bridge the gap between business and customer.

Cloud storage and servers

If you don't want to pay for an Exchange server and your needs are pretty minimal, the answer might be cloud-based software. Of course, it all depends on the amount of your data and the programs you want to use. In many situations, it is more profitable to install your own, small data store or Linux server where you can install accounting and customer service software (CRM). The most accessible of the clouds is Google. Google Gmail, Google Drive and Google Apps might even be enough for a small business. Larger companies may need to move to the business solutions offered by Google. There are also Cloud Solutions like Zoho that offer easy-to-understand software for business, with good enough budget solutions.

Tablet computers

Tablets are one of the cheapest ways to mobilize your employees and your business. Thanks to countless applications, they not only allow you to be mobile, but also to do business more efficiently. Combining powerful productivity tools with invoicing and payment software results in a small portable office.

Factory refurbished laptops

Refurbished laptops - how can they be useful?

Today, industrially refurbished computer equipment (and not only computer equipment) is becoming popular due to the trends that are becoming more and more friendly to nature and natural resources.

What is this hardware technique? - For example, there are companies and also individuals who can afford to buy new computer equipment every year. On the trail, this computer equipment is neither morally nor physically obsolete, then it is industrially restored.

What does Industrial Renewal mean? - A little-used laptop is taken and its color, parts and components (hard drive, RAM, power supply, etc.) are restored with equivalent or even better ones. In the end, the buyer gets a brand new - refurbished laptop with a guarantee for a price that is less than 50% of the market price of a new product.

The following example can be seen in our - Good IT Service offer for Lenovo x250 Ultrabook, in the publication Proper student computer - Lenovo x250 Ultrabook. Of course, such a computer will also be a good work tool not only for the pupil / student, but also for anyone who will find a good application for it in remote sessions, at work and at home. Because it is a well-equipped, durable business-class laptop.

DSLR cameras

Although these technologies have been around for some time, but DSLR cameras and video editing software have come a long way. With these tools, you can create professional marketing content. And DSLR cameras are not limited to photography. With modern sensors and lenses, DSLR cameras can capture great HD quality movies. By creating quality marketing content, you can dramatically take your business to the next level and create perfect YouTube, FaceBook ads.

For example, when you process your footage with the free OpenShot program, you'll get great frame transitions, insert text into your video, and add effects.

Endless innovations

Good innovation is always a solid foundation for business productivity. Every tool that relieves and improves the quality of your daily life - be it a good CRM system that sends mass E-mails, or it would be a secure Linux server, they will always be tools that will save you both time and money. Instead, you will always be able to divert the savings to other business needs.

Call and write – Labs IT Serviss (Good IT Service) will help with consultations; with the purchase and maintenance of computers and servers, and necessary software installations.

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