"How to choose properly" - Part 4

Title: "How to choose properly" - Part 4
Category: Educational articles
Published: Thursday, 10 October, 2019
"How to choose properly" - Part 4

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We continue our "How to Choose properly" publications and in this article we will tell you how to choose the keyboard and mouse.

Let's start by looking at what keyboards are and what we should know about them. There are wired computer keyboards, wireless and connected via Bluetooth. Keyboards can be divided into several types: cheap, inexpensive office ones, expensive or branded, specialized keyboards.

Cheap keyboards are inexpensive, as are the fakes on expensive keyboards in this segment. These keyboards are usually made of low quality or very cheap materials and the assembly quality could also be better. Such keyboards are very short-lived and sometimes may not work directly from the box. Conclusion: These keyboards can be used if there are no alternatives at all.

Office keyboards are work horses. Usually, an office keyboard is not very expensive, but assembled better and will last much longer. More expensive ingredients are used in production. As well this keyboard has a nice tactile feeling, when you touch them and no unnecessary noise while typing. Usually branded computers (HP, DELL, ...) come with this quality keyboards.

Expensive keyboards are special purpose keyboards. These keyboards are quite reliable and very stylish. These keyboards can include built-in options such as a touchpad, multicolored backlighting that can be customized, additional buttons and sensors used in games or other applications, that can be individually programmed.

Dedicated keyboards are not standard keyboards. They are made for special needs and are not widely distributed in mass. For example, keyboards with electronic access to the system using a key card or fingerprint, keyboards with Braille for people with disabilities.

Computer mice are wired, wireless and connected via Bluetooth.

Almost everything we previously wrote about keyboards can be attributed to mice, but mice still have some important parameters.

Optical Mouse - You need to pay attention to its sensitivity, the better it is, the smoother mouse cursor will move across the screen.

Laser Mouse - can be demanding on the work surface, it is important to buy a special rug under it.


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