"How to choose properly" - Part 2

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Published: Tuesday, 10 September, 2019
"How to choose properly" - Part 2

We continue our articles on "How to choose properly" and in this article we will tell you - what computer is made of and try to assemble it yourself.

Our Labs IT Serviss (Good IT Service) team will help you find out what kind of computer you will need. We will assemble and configure the computer just for you, protecting you from possible self-assembly mistakes and protecting you from unnecessary financial losses.

For those who believe in their own powers and are confident that they will not make mistakes, we will try to describe the installation of an office computer on a limited budget.

A computer is a set of rather complex components, and we will talk about these components and explain how and according to which principles they are chosen.

The computer are made of:

  1. Processor - this is the "brain" of the whole computer, the more powerful is processor, the faster computer will be;
  2. Motherboard - this is the foundation of your computer. All the internal and external components of the computer are connected directly to this board;
  3. RAM - this is where the operational data is stored (similar to short term memory);
  4. Memory (HDD, SSD) - this is the memory that stores all your computer data, photos, videos, documents and operating system programs;
  5. Graphic card - are like a small computer, that is installed inside your computer. This component calculates and displays all visual-video information on your monitor;
  6. Power Supply - this is the main power supply unit that supplies your computer with electricity;
  7. Box - this is the "house" of all the aforementioned components;
  8. Information Input and Output Devices - These are peripherals such as a monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner, optical disc reader and writer, and many other specialized devices that can be connected to a computer.

Now we come to the point, where we have looked - what components computer consist.

Now, let's try not to get confused and choose exact components we need, and let's try to understand how to choose the components in a way to don't overpay.

In the next publication, we will go into the more detailing about the computer components - what they are and what they are designed for, so we can find exactly what we need and in this way, save a little.