7 tips to increase your social networking revenue

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Title: 7 tips to increase your social networking revenue
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Published: Friday, 31 January, 2020

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7 tips to increase your social networking revenue

Focusing on online business and promoting your business on the WEB, as well as raising your business or brand to the next level of development, can be a time and labor intensive process, but with the right guidance and good motivation anyone can do it.

You may also use other means to increase your site traffic, such as content marketing, email marketing, and SEO, but you also need to evaluate your social media strategy in order to increase sales effectively.

1. Find your audience

When it comes to social media, it makes sense to use the platforms your audience is using. This means that if your audience predominantly uses Instagram, it would not be desirable to focus solely on Twitter. In addition, it would be short-sighted to expect you to find your customers immediately after signing up for the Facebook platform without any research.

It's important to find your audience and then focus your energy on it.

How can this be done?

One way is to gather the demographics of your audience and try to understand where your audience is. In most cases, it will be on different social platforms. Please note that this is a rather time consuming process as all your publications during this period will be a source of research.

Facebook and LinkedIn can prove to be a good starting point by the reasone of having large user base of these platforms, especially when it comes to B2B audiences. They have great tools that can help you find and understand your active audience.

Good research tools will allow you to select popular hashtags that your competitors use in their advertising campaigns. By following these campaigns, you will be able to gather the information you need.

Google Analytics should not be overlooked either. This tool also gives you reliable and detailed data about where your potential customers are and what they might be.

Using the tools above will give you at least an initial idea about on which platform your target audience is most active, which in turn will already determine your direction.

2. Writing articles for the target audience

When writing a blog, article or just posting a message, you need to choose a good vocabulary that your audience will understand. This means addressing people in a clear way.

There are different groups of people of which you need to be aware of and evaluated before publishing any article.

For example, if your target audience is between 20 and 35 years old and your business is involved in the entertainment field, it would not be wise to use business language with complex concepts.

Most people look for stylish content, not boring and overly complex. After all, it would be sad if users will be deceived in your content, which in the future could lead them to ignore you when they see your brand.

On the other hand, if you want to reach professionals between the ages of 35 and 60 who deal with narrower and more specific areas, you should seriously consider engaging with this audience in a proper way in attempt to hold their interest. Keep in mind that you should write articles in a single tone using balanced terminology and concepts.

The main goal is to provide interesting content that will target your audience. This way, you will show yourself as knowledgeable but similar to your target audience, which in turn will build trust and willingness to use your services.

3. Frequency of publication of articles

In fact, the regularity of publishing articles is one of the key points that most companies dont think about or even ignore.

Are you considering how often to publish your articles? - The most important thing is balance and constancy.

If you publish rarely, you risk losing touch with your readers. But if you write too much and often, you become annoying and audience will more likely silence, ignore and block your posts as a result.

The main goal here is to maintain a balanced regularity, finding the best time to post, to get more affection and feedback from the audience, encouraging content sharing.

The best way to understand this is to try to see what worked best.

You will notice a number of important things when publishing. Each platform differs in terms of layout and also in how the audience reacts differently at different times and days.

For example, you can post to Facebook and Instagram once a day, and your audience is more likely to see your post or story if it is visually well-written.

And there is possibillity to post articles and news to Twitter several times a day, as the "tweet" is usually buried under the thousands of other "tweets" that have been collected throughout the day.

Also pay attention to what your audience likes - this will determine the quality and relevance of your articles. All the articles and posts you publish must be relevant and of high quality if you want to show yourself to your target audience in the best possible way.

4. Effective use of #hashtags

Most social media platforms use #hashtags. Many people may have the impression that the hashtag is exclusive to Twitter, but that is not true.

Hashtags are also very effective on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

By effectively using hashtags on social networks, you are targeting the people who might be directly interested in your services. Hashtag connects people based on specific keywords that may be compatible with your brand, business, and industry.

For example, if you add the hashtag #webdesign to your social network, you will link anyone associated with the group or channel that uses that particular name, or hashtag. You will add the circle of interests to the topic you are discussing and at the same time make your message available to a wider audience.

A good way to use hashtags is to follow the most popular hashtags related to your audience. Creating publications with modern hashtags and adding them to your site or website address may prove to be an easy way to increase traffic to your site and potentially generate more sales.

5. Creating valuable content

Social networks are great platforms for your business or brand to deliver relevant and valuable content. This content needs to be designed to attract the widest possible audience and be enticing enough to encourage them to click on your link and ultimately decide on your service choice.

One of the ways you can create valuable content is by publishing instructions, tips, and guides that engage your audience and invite them to try your services or buy your product.

For example, you can create a short video or article about how you effectively use social media to increase sales of your product or share some simple but useful tips.

If you are involved, for example, in clothing modeling, you can display clothing that is consistent with your other product groups. Alternatively, if you are related to various cutting-edge technologies or science, you can show some of the amazing and inspiring things people can do with your services.

By using content in this way, you are demonstrating your service and giving potential customers an idea of how it might be useful to them. It also builds trust with you as a service provider.

Another reason is that in this way you give your audience more reason to think seriously about your service or product.

An important condition when creating valuable content is to use good keywords in your text.

Your content marketing is directly related to SEO (Search Engine Customization). We encourage you to find out more about how SEO and Content Marketing work in tandem and learn more about this effective weapon.

6. Use of Advertising

When we talk about social media platforms, you must remember that we are talking about millions of users worldwide.

Simply running a good social network and engaging your audience can be ineffective if no one has heard of your business, brand, or service before.

How to change it? - Investing in Social Media Advertising.

All social media platforms have the opportunity to promote their products, publications, or ads. These features ensure that the messages you post become visible to a larger and more relevant audience. This in turn will attract potential customers to your brand and services.

Instagram and Facebook have a "story's" feature that works similar to an add with displaying time for 24 hours. Your social networking story - story's feature can prove to be a good tool. This feature can increase the level of purchases and brand awareness, such as publishing promotions or current affairs at the company.

Twitter has the ability to create advertising campaigns and LinkedIn can reach your brand's best audience with paid news.

Social media ads can be customized to appeal to your specific audience in the best possible way. Also, these ads can be used as a reminders for your product / service to inform prospective customers of the opportunity to purchase it.

7. Social media buttons on your site

The audience that visits your site can be move also to social media, for example, by adding or integrating social media buttons on every page of your website.

When visitors notice that your site has good reviews on social networks, they are more likely to want to follow you and share your site content with others.

One way is to add a couple of sentences at the end of the article about following your social media page and sharing it with your friends, colleagues and other contacts. This will reduce the chances of losing visitors who came to your site once and may not return. This way, you will attract them as members of your audience, who can reach you at any time through your social media platforms, and increase your chances of becoming potential leads for your brand.


In this article, we've outlined 7 tips that could improve the popularity of services on social media, and these are some of the most effective ways.

It is extremely important to remember that gaining the trust of your audience will give you the most important - i.e. popularity and therefore demand for your services.

If you liked this article and want to share it, here are social media buttons that make it easy and simple.

If you have any questions, feel free to write and call. We - Labs IT Serviss (Good IT Service) are always open to our customers.

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