Computer Cleaning - How Important Is It?

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Title: Computer Cleaning - How Important Is It?
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Published: Tuesday, 19 May, 2020

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Computer Cleaning - How Important Is It?

In everyday computer use, is it portable or stationary, we often don't even pay much attention to the importance of good, complete computer cleaning? Wiping the monitor superficially and cleaning the monitor may not completely clean the computer. As a result, dust-covered parts and cooling elements can cause the computer to overheat and slow down.

What is the everyday life of a computer then?

You and your employees use computers every day… Some of your employees can even sit at your computer for eight uninterrupted hours, working, even eating, coughing, sneezing, and in parallel talking to customers. Some of your employees keep personal belongings on and around your computer, including bags, coats, or your daily snacks and drinks. Their workplace may no longer look professional, but it is very convenient and comfortable, because you can continue your work without unnecessary movements.

And, indeed, such employees are quite productive. For this reason, you do not object to their little chaos in the workplace. After all, you've never worried about cleaning your computer before, and you probably plan to replace them with new ones in a few years. In the meantime, they seem to be working so well that they don't require any investment.

And yet, by going into a little detail, cleaning your computer is important, and you'll see that in this article.

Why should you clean computers?

Clean computers will not only make your office look better, but thorough computer cleaning will also eliminate other problems.

Accumulation of dust inside the computer can clog the fan and make it louder. However, the primary function of the fan is to cool the computer, and if it does not function as it should, the computer is at risk of overheating. Overheating can damage and deform parts and shorten the life of your computer, which means you'll need to replace it much faster.

Accumulation of dust and regular overheating slows down the computer.

As food and dust particles accumulate on the keyboard or mouse, they can block moving parts, rendering the keyboard and mouse unusable. You may have once encountered a key jam or, conversely, it is difficult to press it. For all these tools to work well, they need to be thoroughly cleaned again.

Bacteria like food particles and dust, so they accumulate the most where they are least present. If you do not clean your computer in a timely and regular manner, they will continue to multiply and possibly, in some cases, even spread disease.

Any of these problems - slow and loud computer operation, unhygienic conditions can reduce productivity in your company. What's more, if you plan to replace your computers in just a few years, your business should be as productive as possible in the meantime.

How do I clean my computer?

Before you start cleaning your computer, make sure you have the following accessories:

Please note that we have not included vacuum cleaners or dry cleaners in this list. Vacuum cleaners - Vacuum cleaners can generate static current, which can affect the chips, circuits, transistors and their computer a lot. Let the air compressor, the vacuum cleaner moves the dirt out of your computer.

When spraying or wiping with unintended chemical cleaners, moisture enters the computer, which can have a very negative effect on its components.

Instructions for cleaning computers

Once you've gathered all the tools you need to clean your computer, you can get started.


Choose a convenient place to clean your computer.

Cleaning your computer is a dusty job, so you need to place your computer somewhere where a giant dust cloud will not disturb anyone. However, you do not want your employees to breathe dust.

Computer cleaning process:

Unscrew the computer cover, preferably on the side opposite the motherboard. Find a good place to place the screws so that they are not lost.

Use a compressed air balloon or a vacuum cleaner to blow dust off the computer. Be careful and blow out every ingredient. Make sure you keep the blower away from your computer (approximately 10 to 15 cm). If it gets closer, you can injure chips and other computer components.

Use a soft cloth and a brush in hard-to-reach areas to remove any remaining dust.

Keyboard cleaning:

Turn the keyboard over and shake it gently until the crumbs and dust stop falling out.

Blow compressed air around and on the keys.

Wipe the keyboard with a soft cloth.

Mouse cleaning:

Blow squeezed air around the buttons.

Wipe the mouse with a soft cloth.

The monitor can be easily wiped with a soft cloth. If anything gets on your computer or components, moisten a soft cloth with alcohol and lightly wipe it.

You must wait for the computer to dry completely before turning it on again.

How often should computers be cleaned?

In this article, we looked at computer cleaning that can be done by anyone at home - on a daily basis.

However, there is a complete cleaning of the computer - preventive work we perform - Labs IT Serviss (Good IT Service), where the computer is completely disassembled, the contacts of the cooling elements are restored, the thermal paste is replaced and all connections are checked and diagnostics are performed.

It is recommended that you clean your computer completely at least twice a year (sometimes, even once every three months), but pay attention to other details more often. For example, the mouse and keyboard should be cleaned at least once a month, and the outside of the monitor should be cleaned at least once a week.

Remember: cleaning your computer will keep your computer running more stable and longer, and save you money. Fresh, clean and stable computers will improve employee productivity by giving them a faster, more reliable tool. Workers will not be exposed to the risk of computer dust, bacteria and allergens, which contaminate their work environment.

Following these little tips will always make your computers look great and last for many years.

If you have any questions about cleaning your computer and need to do preventive work in your office - call and write. Labs IT Serviss (Good IT Service) will always help and perform quality computer cleaning, keeping your office equipment in good working order.

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