Eight ways technologies change the service industry

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Title: Eight ways technologies change the service industry
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Published: Tuesday, 18 August, 2020

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Eight ways technologies change the service industry

No one can deny this: The services sector is a strength of Latvia that should be further strengthened. And technology can improve certain types of services and perform certain tasks we need, as well as improve the Services industry as a whole. Particular attention should be paid to those technologies that enable digital transformation and improve the way services are provided by improving the quality of customer service.

The article "Eight ways in which technology is changing the service sector" lists ways in which technology improves the quality and service of services as a whole.

1. "He who seeks finds it" - search and find

At times when a person working at a computer needs something - the idea of finding an answer to a question they need or a product or service, his first instinct is to look for an answer online. In such moments, it is important that the service provider found is well prepared and that the information of his online company - goods, services is easy to find and that it corresponds to what you are looking for. So it is imperative that the service provider's website is found - tailored to search results and SEO standards, so that the most relevant results are displayed first. Ideally, the necessary information and / or product will be found on the service provider's website, encouraging visitors to visit it.

2. Chat rooms (chat) and chat robots (chat bots)

Today, most service providers have built-in chat rooms. Often, users do not chat with a real person or service representative, but with software called a chat robot. Simple chat robots use pre-programmed instruction sets and word matching to recognize and answer questions. More sophisticated chat robots use artificial intelligence to understand the meaning of a sentence and learn from question and answer sessions. Theoretically, a chat robot can manage an unlimited number of simultaneous conversation sessions, provide answers faster than a human can, and more patiently handle complex clients without emotional attachment.

3. Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a major driver of digital transformation today and is no longer grandiose.

There are many applications with Cloud Support that are designed to provide services. For example, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, help desk systems, remote network management systems, and many other automated systems that provide customer service. The provision of services often requires some form of collaboration between the support engineer and the client. The cloud environment provides convenient solutions for document exchange, information system data exchange, storage of historical data, as well as they can be convenient solutions for many other types of information processing.

4. Augmented Reality (AR)

Despite the great potential of Augmented Reality, its use in the services sector is still limited but continues to grow rapidly. The leaders of the largest courts in the augmented reality industry today are Google, Microsoft and Apple.

Where can Augmented Reality be useful? - For example, using augmented reality glasses, an expert can remotely see the same thing that his employee sees on the spot. The remote expert can give his employee instructions that are projected on the employee's glasses.

Another option is to use the camera on your smartphone or tablet to scan an image, barcode, or QR code. Today it is used, for example, in museums. The AR software will recognize this image and display the requested information on the display, thus supplementing reality with information from the museum database.

Or, for example, maps developed by Here Technologies or Google, where you can see various reality additions, such as the location of an office or the menu of a restaurant, etc., while walking down the street and looking at the smartphone.

5. Virtual reality (VR)

Yes, Virtual Reality is an old technology, but it is still evolving and great progress has been made in recent years. Many high quality sensors have been added and they allow Virtual Reality to come to life in a different light. However, if there are many sensors, there is also a lot of data to be processed.

Depending on the application of Virtual Reality, significant computing power may be required, as well as the amount of bandwidth used, making it unsuitable for long distance use. However, this does not preclude its use locally, for example in various simulations, which can help the engineer to perform certain tasks, the doctor to perform operations and the pilot to acquire flying skills. In this way, all this work can be virtualized, making the activities and training more secure and efficient.

6. Smartphone

Smartphone nowadays is for almost everyone. Everyone spends much of their day on their smartphone and expects to be able to use it to communicate with you. Therefore, your website should be friendly to both desktops and smartphones. It may even be worth thinking about developing a separate mobile app. Especially in the areas of finance, product sales and a wide range of customer service, where customers interact a lot with customer service professionals. Such an app will also allow you to gather information about its users, which can help develop your service and improve the user experience.

7. Social media

For every three hours that people spend on a smartphone every day, two hours are spent on social media. That's why customers will want to connect with you through social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more. Many companies already provide services through these media. Of course, this "success story" also depends on your company's industry and target audience. Use various channels to inform and serve your potential customers and clients. Diversity will build an experience over time, which in turn will provide a landmark and focus on the main source.

8. Internet of Things (IoT)

Today, millions of sensors are connected to the Internet, making it easier to monitor real-time remote work. In the past, the specialist had to go to a specific location to record the data and pass this information on to the control center. With IoT, the control center records information online and in real time, which saves a great deal of time and money. At the same time, it improves the accuracy and quality of the processes.

For example, with Smart Metering, consumers no longer have to record and report gas meter generation or electricity consumption. Instead, it takes place remotely and the consumer is notified via an online dashboard or customer portal about the payment of the bill.

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